Your World, Connected

We offer the ultimate Telemetry Solution for Smart Cities, Building Automation and Energy Management

A Solution for Every Need

Endless innovation

We bring to the market an ecosystem to satisfy all your energy monitoring needs

Cloud Technologies solution

A container and microservice based platform that is ready when you are. It scales seamlessy according to load and can be hosted on-premises or in Our Cloud.

Tailored Hardware

In-house developed hardware allows us to target even the most critical projects with confidence. Particular needs?
No problem,
we write our own firmware!

Human resources and support

We offer an end-to-end solution: thanks to our own Contact Center, we can handle your tasks.


The Turnkey Sidora Solution

An advanced management system for remote controlled and managed physical objects, sensors and actuators

E* Dashboard

Our real-time, Web-based operating platform for energy consumption data analysis.

E* Event Manager

Processes events and alarm conditions to send messages to the operators.

E* Workflow

Manage reported problems and tracks the relative maintenance interventions.

T-1000 Smart Hub

Works as a data collector in applications ranging from building automation, mobility and public lighting to gas, water and power distribution networks.

NeON Module

It is an expansion module designed to add gas measure capabilities to the T-1000 hub.

T-800 Lite Hub

It is a smalller version of T-1000 hub with UMTS / GPRS support intended for public lighting applications.

End Customer Portal

Offers customers complete control over their energy consumption showing the daily trend in relation to the economic component.

SDGi System

Collects data from the T* network and makes it available in real time through a distributed queues mechanism.

Contact Center

Sidora offers a contact-center service to build a turnkey solution to final customers.